WRP Brake Pads Dual Carbon Racing / Trackday 7311 F1R - Front (2/pc)

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Made in Denmark, WRP Motorcycle Brake Pads in Dual Carbon DC compound for upper level trackday riders and racers. Dual Carbon DC compound is an ideal front brake pad choice for trackday riders and racers due to its lower initial bite but with excellent feel for heavy trail braking and it works great on cast iron, and stainless rotors and is heat cycled at the factory, so no thermal bed-in required. The DC offers long pad life and is very easy on rotors. Best performance when hot. Racetrack use only. Very popular choice amongst racers in MotoAmerica, club level racing like AFM, CCS, WERA, FMRRA, and premier motorcycle trackday organizations nationwide. 2/pc per set (bikes with dual calipers will require 2 sets).

Fitment Brembo

  • 100 mm Radial Monoblock XA7G210/11, P4 32/36
  • 100 mm Radial Monoblock XA7G240/41, P4 32/36
  • Monoblock X101740/41, P4 32/36
  • Radial Monoblock X973760/61, P4 32/36
  • Radial Monoblock XA93310/11
  • Radial XA3B830/31, P4 32/36
  • Radial XA3B860/61, P4 32/36

Fitment Nissin

  • 4 Piston Racing Caliper

WRP Brake Pads for Brembo and Nissin motorcycle calipers. Available from MOTO-D Racing.