Woodcraft Suzuki GSXR600/750 2011-21 Adjustable 35mm Side Mount Clip-on Riser set -11in Black Bars, Reservoir mount and hose

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These all new risers provide incredible opportunities for adjustment! These side mount adjustable risers are made to help you transform the feel of your 2011-20 Suzuki GSXR600/750 into something that is far more comfortable for street riding!

Our 3-piece design is race proven and makes it easy to service your clipons below the triple clamp without having to disassemble the entire front end. Special attention has also been taken to save weight wherever possible on these clamps. Having an adjustable bar angle that uses a standard bar is a difference that will make your riding experience better in two important ways.  You can completely customize your feel and replacement bars are both easy to find & inexpensive.

These clipons have a 35mm rise over a conventional race clipon PLUS they have an adjustable bar angle between -7 and +7 degrees. The 35mm designation is the rise over your OEM bars. The side mount feature also moves the bars back to a position that helps keep them away from fairing and gauges.  This allows for the 35mm rise- which would not be possible without moving the bars away from the upper fairing.

2011-2020 Suzuki GSXR600/750 Movement: These make a HUGE improvement in comfort and are about 1.5" higher and 2" closer to the rider - both of which add to rider comfort compared to OEM.
IMPORTANT NOTES: (a) 2" longer aftermarket brake and clutch lines are required to complete installation. (b) The top triple needs to be removed- wire harness clamps removed to reroute the wire harness behind the fork leg.

NOTE: This kit includes reservoir mount along with extended reservoir hose.