RISE Motorcycle Tire Warmers (Single Temp)


$259.99 USD

RISE Single Temp Trackday-Pro" Motorcycle Tire Warmers get your Pirelli, Dunlop, Michelin, or Bridgestone tires hot for maximum grip from the start. Includes windblocking Side Skirts that stretch around the rim and lock the heat in. A dual-stage LED neon light indicator let's you know when the unit is on and warming (red color) and when it has reached 175'F (green color). Fits 120 front / 180-190-200 rear size tires. Backed with a Two (2) Year USA Limited Warranty.


  • RISE Motorcycle Tire Warmers for Trackdays Racers w/ Windblocking Side Skirts
  • The "Trackday-Pro" is the Best Tire Warmer for Serious Racers on a Budget
  • Single Temp Heats Hot to 175'F - 180'F, Thermal Verified, LED Power-Heating Indicator
  • Black Color with Red/Blue Accent Skirts: Fits 120 front / 180-190-200 rear size tires
  • 950-975 Watts Power Use (per pair)
  • RISE Tire Warmers by MOTO-D feature a Two (2) Year USA Limited Warranty


Notes: The RISE “Trackday-Pro" Single Temp Tire Warmers are designed to be used with 120v power sources - the standard for racers and track-day riders in North America / USA.

RISE "Trackday Pro" Single Temp Tire Warmers