IRC QuickShift Sensor Kit for Rapid Bike

Gap Sauce Racing SKU: IRC-CUT-RAPID

$249.99 USD

IRC Quickshifter for Rapid Bike Evo equipped motorcycles with Strain Gauge sensor technology for street and track riding. State-of-the-art load cell sensor with right and left dual Magic threads. The IRC Components ELECTRONIC shifter has a major advantage over the Rapid Bike Pressure Shift Sensor which is expensive, slow and bulky and the IRC can be programmed for use in either Push or Pull setup. The intelligent controller of the IRC quickshifter is directly connected to the load cell; signal handling is extremely precise and controlled. Easy plug and play installation directly into Rapid Bike wiring harness. This a Rapid Bike Up Shift Assist direct replacement. Shift rod (M6-M6 / 165mm) included.

Adjustable pre-load settings (via Two-Buttons on Unit) allow the rider to customize six (6) settings making shifts seamless and smooth versus "switch units" which can be harsh: 1. Cut Time ("T"), 2. Cut Type ("U"), 3. Up-shift Pre-Load ("L"), 4. Minimum RPM Limit ("SR"), 5. Push or Pull ("CE"), 6. Up-Shift Smooth Adjuster ("RR").


IRC Quick Shifters are Non-Homologated for Professional Closed Circuit Use. Sensors are certified to over 1,000,000 shifts and all kits are 100% tested for performance at the end of production. Made in Italy.