Brocks Performance PAIR Block Off Plates Ninja H2 (15-21), H2 SX/SE/SE+ (18-21), Z H2 (20-21), ZX-14/R (06-21), ZX-10R (04-21), Z900 (17-21), and Z900RS (18-21)

Brocks Performance SKU: 280156-B

$57.99 USD

  • Block off plates allow removal of OEM PAIR system
  • Covers open ports on valve cover after PAIR cap removal
  • Eliminates unwanted air in the exhaust stream
  • Allows the most accurate air/fuel readings for tuning
  • Decreases 'decel-popping' with aftermarket exhaust system
  • Save 11 oz. (312 g) by removing the OEM PAIR caps and solenoid
  • Block off plates and hardware weigh only 3 oz. (85 g)
  • Black anodized CNC machined billet aluminum
  • Laser etched Brock's Performance logo
  • Airbox block off cap/plug included
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • ECU flash or bypass plug required on some models (see technical tab)

  • PAIR Block Off Plates are used to block the air ports on the cylinder head cover. Blocking the PAIR system prevents unwanted air from entering the exhaust stream, which can decrease exhaust “popping” and is required for a proper vehicle tune.